Pros & Cons

wood floors in houston


Thinking of investing in a hardwood floor that gives you a 50 or 100 year lifetime? Sounds great right? Sounds unbeatable right?                    Well let me give you some things to think about….

Those things sound great but in my experience the colors Trends don’t last but maybe 10 years and when you refinish the wood floors to change the color then your warranty is void, then why do you need a hundred year 50 year warranty for a wood floor? It’s so common that people sell their homes every 10 years 12 years and the new buyer wants to change the color as they don’t like the current color scheme. What happens if there is a water issue or moisture issues in the future that arise or a pipe breaks and your insurance won’t cover the claim and the only option that you have is to refinish the wood floor then your warranty is void.  I personally don’t think a 50-year warranty is all that it seems although it sounds great and you get what you pay for I think the most that should be worried about is 10 years maybe maybe 15 unless it’s for commercial use. Another thing to think about is is that warranty just covered for humans or does it also include pets medium to large-size animals? I guess you need to find out what it’s limited to before making a decision. As one being in the wood flooring industry for over 30 years I personally think a solid sight finish hardwood floor is the very best option ever . Solid hardwood floors can be refinished up to 7 different times of course depends upon why the floor is being refinished. For example if it’s being refinished because there’s water issues and the floors cupping well in that particular case you will be sanding off more then just the color you’ll be sanding off to get the floor flat this will eliminate some of the sanding options/times that you’ll be able to refinish the floor through its lifetime.