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Our services in a nut shell.

We started doing wood flooring back in 1985 helping our family do all types of wood flooring services in Houston like sand refinishing of older wood floors in homes in the Montrose,Houston  Heights, Oak Forest, West University, Bunker Hill areas. I remember jumping in the vans just the excitement of being part of a crew. Learning the skills from my dad, uncle, cousins. I really loved smelling the dust of the wood floors we would refinish kinda like the smell of grass in a yard being cut or a cigar when it’s first lit. Really didn’t seem like work but away to make money and get out of the house from doing chores. Aw the stain in your finger nails the stain on your pant legs and shoes. I remember sanding the wood floors in the greater Houston areas and how we would just dust the homes out so very bad, I mean dust everywhere. Who would of thought to just put a vacuum hose on the wood floor edger & flooring buffer which throw out about 90% of the flooring dust. Ya things like knee pads, dust masks, plastic, vacuums, lambswool to apply polyurethane, air compressors to nail shoemolding and wood floors see these weren’t around back in the late 70″s-80″s. Ya those were the good old days…. NOT!

When I was a kid we would have to nail shoemolding by hand, without damaging the new painted baseboards if you ever tried it then you know what I’m talking about. I remember applying polyurethane to the wood floors with 6 inch China bristle brush, actually I got pretty good at this. We would apply 1000″s of feet of wood flooring with a hand brush and that is without leaving lap marks. Now days we have the modern 16 inch lambs wool which saves like 2/3 the time and is about 75% better quality. Fast forward to 1989 I was 18 a one – two man crew but zealious to make money and loved doing my job. I saved like $3,000.00 and my dad gave me an old Clarke wood floor sander, but it needed a lot of parts. We found an edger and buffer at local pawn shops and it was on, I mean we never looked back. So today we now employ 10-14 people so 5-8 crews and we use vacuum dust containment systems modern Hummel floor  Sanders, modern wood flooring staplers, compressors and we don’t bang up our thumbs. Hardwood Creations is a modern hardwood flooring company that can install any type of hardwood floor, glue down engineered flooring, install laminate or do wood repairs. We know and specialise in hardwood flooring in the greater Houston -Katy- Galveston areas. We have moved from just a wood flooring service provider to retail wood flooring and we know sale flooring like Castle Combe, Montage, L&M,  Armstrong, Mannington, Urban Floors, Mohawk, Shaw and many others. For all your residential or commercial flooring services we got you covered. If you got water damage we got you covered. We can completely take out all your existing tile, carpeting and replace from start to finish we got you covered. From $2,000 to budgets  $60,000 budgets. Insured and ready to work, never the cheapest but of quality the name to remember …. Hardwood Creations.