Wood flooring installation on tar and 2×4 yellow pine screeds. We did cat check for curvature correction on the concrete slab and use my Pe self-leveling underlayment. After we let it dry then we came back and used 800 ever lock black tar. We heated it up outside and poured it on the concrete and used a wooden rake to spread the tar on the concrete. Then we proceeded to install 2 x 4 screeds 6 inch away from each other in a soldier pattern staggered. Installed a plastic membrane for moisture then we nail down hardwood flooring using 2” staples.

Tar, 2×4 screeds installed.
Plastic then laying out hardwood flooring
  • Tar
  • Screeds
  • Prep for concrete
  • Flooring 3/4×3 1/4 red oak

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