Current Projects

wood floors in houston

This particular project too us about 2 weeks, it had a lot of humps in the slab that we had to grind down and we used 35-40 bags of floor prep for curvature correction. The wood is a Bausen wood floor product, 7 1/2 wide plank by 1/2 thick. We glued it down and ran shoe mold as needed. This was installed in West Houston.

The thing to remember about hardwood floors and before attempting to install or refinish yourself, is time money, outcome. We have rescued lots of homeowners that just tried to DIY projects like installing hardwoods or refinishing wood floors. First there is a lot of money at stake and if the floors are not installed or refinished properly then you could be finding your self calling a professional to try to fix your mistakes. You may think you can can get it done real, quick, fast and in a hurry but remember its your time and your money you will be wasting if you have trouble.

 When it comes to wood flooring the choice is easy.